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Acupuncture Packages:

New Patient Package

This package includes your initial consultation and 5 follow up sessions, that must all be used within 6 weeks of the package starting. (so a minimum of weekly sessions), for many I suggest 2 per week to begin with.

4 return acupuncture sessions

4 RETURN sessions of acupuncture with a discount.

6 return acupuncture sessions

6 sessions of acupuncture with a discount.

10 acupuncture sessions

10 sessions of acupuncture with a discount.

Sessions must be used within 10 weeks of starting package.
Refunds available, minus sessions used: charged at full price.

I.e. if use 8 sessions (£400 individual price) so £60 would be returned.

Cosmetic Treatments.

Cosmetic acupuncture 1st visit

An idea gift as a starting point for helping your loved on look and feel amazing

Delux Cosmetic/Anti-ageing Acupuncture Package

To ensure you get the most from your treatments I have carefully developed this plan which includes 8 sessions over a 6 week period.

You will get a weekly cleanse, massage, cupping and tiger warmer session included in this price.

1st session, then express in week 1
weeks 2-4 2x sessions per week, 1 full 1 express
week 5 1 session: full
week 6: 1 session Full.

Gift Certificates

Pre Labour Preparation Package

An elegant protocol from week 36-40 involving a weekly session to help prepare you and your body for the birth. It has been shown to shorten labour, reduce the ‘cascade of interventions’, as well as improving the post-natal health of new mum! Furthermore, it can be used to help reduce your anxiety around this big scary thing that is about to happen as well as help prepare you mentally for motherhood. We can even help nudge baby to get ready to come out let it know it’s welcome to come and join the rest of us – from week 40 we can also start to bring on the labour a bit more forcefully, providing more treatments if needed.
You also get a free mother warming kit if you book the package.

Full refund available for any unused sessions due to having birth early 😍 (so cost is 35 per session)


Cupping is a form of body work that powerfully releases tight muscles. It creates space in the body, allowing better movement of the blood and lymph.

it is amazing at loosening tight muscles, breaking down scar tissue (especially internal) and alleviating puffiness.

Pregnancy Massage

A delicious treat of a massage with Paula, who gained a 'distinction' in her pregnancy massage training with Well Mother. It is a specialist massage, safe at ANY stage of pregnancy: a strong, effective treatment with specialised adaptions to suit what you and your body needs at the various stages of massage.

Acupuncture return:

A return acupuncture session with Paula.

Acupuncture 1st visit

The gift of acupuncture:

Allow someone you love to reap the benefits of acupuncture, improving their health generally or to help them alleviate a specific symptom

Monthly Maintenance

Acupuncture Monthly Maintenance

per month

Luxurious Cosmetic Facial Maintenance.

per month
For patients that have had a course of facials with Paula to help maintain their health, and of course the effects of the cosmetic work too.